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Eko Environmental, a division of “MacLean Engineering” is a privately owned Canadian company dedicated to offering practical and profitable recycling solutions for Aerosol and hazardous waste streams. Eko have evolved the design parameters of our technology to meet the urgent demands of environmental sustainability. Eko Aerosol technology is recognized in the U.K. and Europe as “Best available Technology”. Proudly, our ingenuity and focused growth have made us world leaders in aerosol and hazardous waste recovery systems. EKO Environmental is leading the future of Hazardous waste management, creating profitable income streams for our clients while promoting environmental stewardship with technology and integrity.

We, at Eko Environmental – Aerosol Recycling Solutions, have developed a product line of “Turn Key” systems that deal with some of the planet’s most common and detrimental and hazardous waste streams: We offer a truly “Closed loop” recycling solution for Aerosols, hand held propane tanks, Household paint, automobile tire wire and an array of other hazardous waste streams. Every year, our landfills must deal with millions of these discarded, hazardous materials. The run-off from these discarded products alone is responsible for a large portion of the ground water contamination and poisoning of our land, air. The end result is released emission gases that continue to deplete our planet’s ozone layer. Our goal is to provide “Closed loop” tangible solutions for these important challenges.

We recognize that successful waste management companies and community-based organizations need to have a practical solution to both meet their waste recycling quotas and earn profits. Our product line of automated waste recycling systems uses state-of-the-art technology – a technology that is good for our customer’s profit margins and environmentally responsible too.  We achieve this by harnessing hazardous waste into a recyclable, profitable material streams.  Eko Environmental – Aerosol Recycling Solutions can achieve up to 100% recycling ability.

Aerosol can disposal

Aerosol can disposal remains our forte. It is very important to educate ourselves about proper ways of disposing aerosol cans since it makes for an important part of our environment sustainability efforts. Disposing them indiscriminately to empty landfills is harmful for the environment as they contain propellants which are susceptible to explosion when exposed to heat. Proper Aerosol can disposal requires you to take them to certified Recycling facilities or can crushers. At Eko, we are committed to investing our resources to accomplish our goal of changing the way we think about and recycle our Hazardous waste streams.



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